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While working in the pharmaceutical industry I found that at times, the workload required additional assistance with respect to professional marketing efforts. Said workload did not justify recruiting new employees, but it did hinder the desired progress on certain projects, resulting in longer response times, which are problematic in the competitive environment in which we live and work.


And so, Source It Out was born, designed as a company providing a wide range of concept-to-execution marketing services aimed at assisting pharma companies' marketing teams, either over time or for a specific project.

Source It Out works with many executives who feel the need to bolster their ranks during particularly busy periods. The most prominent advantage I offer is my experience in this field, which saves valuable time on training, as working with me is innately streamlined. 


Clients have attested to the fact that suddenly, they have breathing room – projects progress according to schedule, plans are carried out, and they have time to focus on formulating management and business strategies. Clients tell me time and again that working together allows them to propel their business forward.


I have a B.Sc. in chemistry and an MBA, I held senior positions in leading pharmaceutical companies where I gained valuable experience, knowledge, and a deep understanding of the field via a variety of executive positions, and today I consult Israeli and multinational companies.

We at Source It Out are aware of the marketing needs and requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and specialize in advising companies operating in this field. 

We offer custom solutions that are tailored to each client's individual needs either over time or for a specific project.

  • Ministry of Health Reimbursements

    (Health Basket)

    Health basket submission period is usually very stressful, but this is where Source It Out's services come in: We draft the briefs professionally and clearly, according to MoH requirements, based on publicly-available studies. The end result is a professional submission that includes all relevant references, as well as the facilitation of the process until the dossier is file to the Health Basket Committee.

  • Outlining



    Source It Out helps you develop marketing and business strategies following interviews with opinion leaders, mapping the competitive landscape and challenges in the field, defining your target audience, and crafting key messages.

  • ​Product



    Source It Out offers market analyses for potential target, including a review of therapeutic field trends, characterizing the target audience, competitive landscape, pricing and entry barriers.

  • Product


    Up-to-date market analysis, marketing strategy recommendations, planning launch events, working with public relations firms, preparing meetings with experts in the field and advisory boards and more.

  • Preparing



    We provide all the materials and presentations relevant to your promotional campaign; Marketing writing in accordance MoH demands and your company's product strategy.

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